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Funny Feedback from MY MindFucked slaves

Here are a few of MY favorite reviews..Real or not they still make ME laugh - send ME some to show your sense of humor
Fuck all that expensive excercise equiptment! Thanks to QUEEN'S "mindless stroker program" i have biceps the size of minature ponies! -- madstokerpuppet2011
thanks to QUEEN'S panties i have lost 20 pounds. just one for breakfast, one for lunch and a small meal. I am more active and happier. I now have the energy to work double the overtime to buy and buy some more for my loving QUEEN!--QUEEN 'S stalker
I beat it till it bleeds, then cum back for more! so hard to type with one hand, but my carpel tunnel is all gone!--one armed bandit
UHHHHHH-- mindless puppet
QUEEN'S voice melts my mind like a creamsicle in my ass on a warm summer's day with the gentle breeze taking me away!-- strokedick magazine
Thanks to QUEEN i no longer need my expensive car or any furniture, I  am so content-- slave
Cock is good for my ass and for my mouth--lustpuppy
  "Just say NO to DICKFRO" -- Shaved slut
 "I Love to fuck my ass for Master"  "Wow, cum as a hair product really works!" "I went into the store and people looked at me as if I smelled like an overused condom" "I love to fuck my ass for You in aisle 6" "I'm mindlessly stroking in the Walmart parking lot AGAIN for You master" "My cum is going to make the lot slick and cause an accident someday" "Of course I will run into that tree for You at full speed Master" "Please let me crawl behind you in public my Master" "I LOVE only Master"
I crave to lick your shoes again;
    to kiss Your gorgeous Ass through Your jeans;
    to crawl like a dog in a mindfucked lust, not caring who sees me. Only concious of the pleasure it brings YOU...